ACCURSED DRAGON RETURNS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9TH! Here we are at the conclusion of our first Accursed Dragon story since...well, all the big changes! Each book is now a self contained story that contributes to the overarching plot. The writing and pacing is brisk. The most noticeable change, however, is the coloring, which could not have been achieved without the help of some very talented, good friends. Phillip Studiman did stupendous work with the first portion, but sadly had to step away. He'll still help with other projects, such as the book covers (See volumes 2 and 3!!). Robert Lopatto continued where Phillip left off and has not disappointed! I'm honored to have him help with the next Accursed Dragon story, which is only one month away. In the meantime I'll be taking what I learned from the last story to help make what comes next even better. The art will improve and more importantly so will the writing! A website update is in the works that will include some new links; if you want to keep track of my projects, please follow @ryancomics on twitter and Tumblr's where I've been simply posting the AD comics, but if enough people follow me I'll incorporate behind the scenes discussions for ya'. Also in the works is a Patreon, where I hope to help keep the artists who assist me in these projects adequately paid. I know there's a lot of sites out there competing for your money, but every little bit would go directly towards a better comic. Thanks again for all your support! We love reading your comments, whether they're critical or reactions to some of the more shocking moments revealed in our pages! See you again in September!

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